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work injuries

Chiropractors have been treating work place injuries in Ontario through the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) for a number of years. One question often asked by injured workers is whether their back injury will make them more prone to future episodes of low back pain.  Dr. Nolet’s research in the European Spine Journal examined this question. Those with a history of a work-related low back injury were twice as likely to have a new episode of low back pain in future compared to those without a history of low back injury. 


Chiropractors and the treatment of work-related low back injuries

Two studies looked at the treatment of work injuries and the recurrence of low back pain.  A study in the Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation followed 5511 Ontario workers treated for low back pain who were followed for two years.  Workers treated by Chiropractors had the shortest 100% wage compensation and Physiotherapists the longest.  Workers who had a second episode of  time off work were higher in workers treated by Physiotherapists. Chiropractors or Physicians and lower recurrence rates.

Similarly, a US study in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine followed 894 workers with a low back injury at work.  They compared the recurrence rate of low back disability over the one year follow-up.  They found that care provided by Physicians and Physical Therapists had higher rates of recurrence than those treated by Chiropractors. 


Workers Safety and Insurance Board, Program of Care

Workers can be treated by Chiropractors for work injuries in Ontario under The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).  The WSIB has 4 different Program of Care (POC) for injured workers (see below). To open a claim you will need report your injury to your employer. Your employer will fill out a Form 7. You will need to complete a Form 6 and your Doctor or Chiropractor will fill out a Form 8.


Low Back Program of Care:  This 8 week program includes patient education, pain and self-management strategies, treatment (exercises, spinal manipulation and mobilization). Injured workers have to be assessed within 42 days of their injury to be eligible for the program of care. The WSIB will cover the first 4 weeks of treatment even if the claim is eventually rejected.


Musculoskeletal Program of Care: This program of care is for musculoskeletal injuries excluding low back and shoulder injuries. Workers need to be seen by the Chiropractor within 8 weeks of the injury.  This 8 week program includes treatment with education, activity modification, exercise, manual therapy, electro/thermal modalities and bracing.


Shoulder Program of Care: This 8 week program must start within 16 weeks of the injury.  The program covers treatment of bursitis, bruises/contusions, impingement syndrome, rotator cuff tendinitis, sprain/strain or partial tears of the rotator cuff.  Treatment includes education, exercise and manual soft-tissue therapies.


Program of Care for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: For workers to be eligible for the Mild Traumatic Brain Injury program of care you must be diagnosed with a mild traumatic brain injury by your Physician. Your claim must be approved by WSIB and it must be within one year of your injury. Treatment can last up to 12 weeks and consists of education, cognitive rehabilitation and manual  therapies.


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