Neck Pain

Neck Pain

neck pain

Neck pain is the fourth leading cause of disability worldwide, and is commonly seen in middle-aged adults. The most common cause of pain in the neck is from soft-tissue injuries to the joints and muscles. This can originate from numerous causes, such as bad posture, texting for long periods of time (sometimes referred to as text neck), sports injuries, along with many other causes.

The pain and stiffness typically lasts only a few days, but in some cases can result in recurring or ongoing pain for long periods of time. If you have experienced neck pain, you should visit Dr. Nolet for a consultation to determine the cause and best treatment for you.

According to The Spine Journal (2015), manual therapies are recommended for the treatment of neck pain. Examples of therapies that are recommended include, spinal manipulation, mobilization (slow and measured movements that pull and pushes your joints and bones), and clinical soft tissue treatments (myofascial release and Active Release Technique).

The Ontario Protocol for Traffic Injury Management Collaboration (OPTIMa) published recommendations including a combination of education, exercise, staying active and manual therapy as the best way to treat neck pain. Prior to coming in for a consultation, it is recommended to try at-home treatment techniques such as:

  • Staying active within the limits of your pain
  • Heat packs
  • Ice packs
  • Pain relievers
  • Gentle warm-up movements

Dr. Nolet's Treatment of neck pain:
Dr. Nolet’s treatments begin with Active Release Technique to the neck, upper back, and shoulder muscles. Gentle spinal manipulation or mobilization are used to restore mobility to stiff, and tight joints. 

Treatment addresses postural issues such as forward head posture that can cause the muscles to work more than they need to. Neck strengthening can start with at home exercises, and if needed, clinic based exercises.